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Red Rising

Red Rising is an outdoor lifestyle hunting series that embraces four lifelong friends, (Matt Bullins, Chris Ward, Jason Bowers and Eric Hale) that share an unbreakable bond bound by their sportsmanship, heritage and hunting traditions. Follow them as they travel across grassroots America in search of life’s most precious experiences, while hunting whitetails and highlighting their chronicles and journeys along the way.

Meet the Hosts

Jason Bowers

Jason was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia. At an early age, Jason discovered a passion for hunting and the outdoor way of life. Jason has been filming outdoor television for ten years now. 

Matt Bullins

Matt grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, in northwest North Carolina, where hunting wasn’t just a hobby, but more of a way of life. His father forged his passion and love for the outdoors and whitetails at an early age and it fueled his desire to take it a step further.

 Eric Hale

Eric grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and literally lived outdoors. His family spent a lot of time chasing whitetails and wild turkeys as well as catching big rainbow trout in mountain streams and smallmouth bass in the great New River.

Chris Ward

Some of Chris Ward’s greatest memories as a child were hunting with his dad and grandad in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. He has always loved everything about the outdoors and hunting quickly became one of his greatest passions.